Download NoteFly
NoteFly is a opensource, ligthweight, highly customizable,
with advance features note taking application for windows.


NoteFly leaving sourceforge

Jun 22 Due to issues with sourceforge NoteFly decided to stop using sourceforge to provide the NoteFly downloads for now. All notefly downloads will be available directly from the notefly.org website and not link to sourceforge page anymore. The sourcecode of NoteFly has also been mirrored on github.

New OpenPGP key

Dec 29 On 1 januari 2014 NoteFly will use a new stronger OpenPGP key to sign all the downloads with.
All new NoteFly releases after1 januari 2014 will only be signed with this new key.
You can find the new NoteFly key on the publickey page.

NoteFly 3.0.7 released

Jul 9 A serious bug has been found in NoteFly 3.0.6 making the loading of notes on startup not working.
To quickly address this NoteFly 3.0.7 has been released.

NoteFly 3.0.6 released

Jul 6 NoteFly 3.0.6 has been released. This releases adds a new greek translation. And a new about window design has been added. Also a bug has been resolved that could make the tooltip in the manage notes window blink. And commandline parameters to launch NoteFly and immediately create a new note have been added.

NoteFly 3.0.5 released

May 14 NoteFly 3.0.5 has been released, this release adds improved support for updating plug-ins within NoteFly and a Swedish translation has been added to NoteFly.