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0000202: [feature] Automatically add stacktrace when clicking "report issue" link in unexpected exception window. (D9ping)
0000199: [bug] Spelling errors in new note window (D9ping)
0000194: [bug] NullReferenceException on launching SkinEditor directly after NoteFly startup. (D9ping)
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Released 2013-07-09
0000192: [bug] Notes are not loading. (D9ping)
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Released 2013-07-06
0000186: [feature] Allow to create a new note window with to be preset title and/or note content from commandline parameters. (D9ping)
0000185: [feature] Redesign of about window. (D9ping)
0000189: [bug] Annoying blinking of tooltip on hovering note rows in manage notes window. (D9ping)
0000191: [feature] Show "more info" link by each plugin detail in plugins window. (D9ping)
0000190: [bug] Restart for plugin update could give a "NoteFly is already running." message. (D9ping)
0000187: [feature] Allow override language of NoteFly with commandline parameter. (D9ping)
0000181: [feature] Add Greek translation. (D9ping)
0000183: [feature] Add translations of file dialogs (D9ping)
0000184: [feature] Add missing translations of buttons in manages notes window. (D9ping)
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Released 2013-05-17
0000179: [bug] incorrect version displayed in 3.0.5 (D9ping)
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Released 2013-05-14
0000175: [bug] Updating plugin not working (D9ping)
0000178: [feature] add Swedish language (D9ping)
0000176: [bug] Click on besides a plugin in the available plugins list could show loading while nothing really happens. (D9ping)
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Released 2013-04-02
0000171: [bug] Updating a plugin not working from available plugins tab (D9ping)
0000173: [bug] Manage notes notes window not refreshed on new note. (D9ping)
0000174: [feature] Support for checking plugin updating (D9ping)
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