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0000202NoteFly[All Projects] featurepublic2018-06-03 23:09
Reporteranonymously Assigned ToD9ping  
Status resolvedResolutionreopened 
Summary0000202: Automatically add stacktrace when clicking "report issue" link in unexpected exception window.
DescriptionAdd the NoteFly application stacktrace as parameter to the url when clicking the report issue link in the Unexpected exception window.
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2015-08-27 01:27

administrator   ~0000192

Implemented in [commit].
Url length limit can be a problem. I currently ommit the stacktrace as url parameter if url length limit reached.


2015-09-02 01:01

administrator   ~0000193

Implemented 3.0.8.


2018-06-01 10:04

administrator   ~0000196

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Reopened, I'm considering using github issues (see #204 ) for bug reporting as it's easier to use and has already a lot of users.