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oNIPluginProvides interfaces for plugins
|oCIPluginPlugin interface status: DRAFT (Subject to change) revision: 9
|oCIPluginHostPlugin interface to NoteFly status: DRAFT (Subject to change) revision: 6
|\CPluginBasePluginBase class.
\NNoteFlyMain assembly
 oCExportNotesClass for exporting to several different note formats.
 oCFormManagerFormManager class
 oCFrmAboutAbout window.
 |\CMovingAuthorLabelA moving label.
 oCFrmDownloaderFrmDownloader window, provides multifile download functions.
 oCFrmExceptionException window
 oCFrmManageNotesManage notes window
 oCFrmNewNoteNew and edit note window.
 oCFrmNoteNote window.
 oCFrmPluginsFrmPlugins window
 oCFrmSettingsSetting window.
 oCGPGVerifyWrapperClass to verify files with GnuPG
 oCHighlightLanguageHighlightLanguage class, a data class that holds lexicon of a language to highlight.
 oCHttpUtilHttp utily class
 oCImportNotesClass for importing from several different note formats.
 oCKeyboardListenerThe KeyboardListener is a static class that allows registering a number of event handlers that you want to get called in case some keyboard key is pressed or released. The nice thing is that this KeyboardListener is also active in case the parent application is running in the back.
 |oCListeningWindowA ListeningWindow object is a Window that intercepts Keyboard events.
 |\CUniversalKeyEventArgsAn instance of this class is passed when Keyboard events are fired by the KeyboardListener.
 oCLogLog class, for logging.
 oCNoteNote data class, holds setting note.
 oCNotesNotes class, holds all notes
 oCPluginGridPluginGrid gui object class
 oCPluginsManagerPluginsManager class, provides plugins functions
 oCProgramProgram class, main entry application.
 oCRSAVerifyThis class can be used to verify a file or string with the NoteFly public key to check if the file or data is really coming from the developer who owns the NoteFly private key
 oCRTFDirectEditAllows RTF text to be edited if it's normal text without formatting.
 oCSearchTextBoxA SearchTextBox control
 oCSettingsSettings struct.
 oCShortcutTextBoxShortCutTextBox control
 oCSkinSkin data class.
 oCStringsStrings class, used to lookup translations with GNU Gettext
 oCSyntaxHighlightHighlight class, provides highlighting of a richedittextbox.
 oCTextfileTextfile saving class
 oCTransparentRichTextBoxA transparent version of the RichTextBox control.
 oCTrayIconTrayIcon gui object class.
 oCxmlUtilXmlUtil class, for saving and parsering xml.
 \CZipStorerUnique class for compression/decompression file. Represents a Zip file.
  \CZipFileEntryRepresents an entry in Zip file directory