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0000197NoteFlybugpublic2015-10-02 08:57
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Platform32bitsOSMicrosoft WindowsOS Version7
Summary0000197: Project post-build event problems
Confused by the use of the "%appdata%" macro in various post-build events (e.g. for the InsertSmiley project).

As I've not installed NoteFly, the "%appdata%\NoteFly" folder doesn't exist.

2) The post-build command line creates the folder bin\Release, even for a Debug build. Could use
mkdir "$(SolutionDir)$(OutDir)plugins"

3) The bin\Release folder is created but nothing is copied there?
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2015-04-12 11:34

administrator   ~0000177

Last edited: 2015-10-02 08:54

Thank you for reporting.

1) Yes, the use mkdir should be added.

2) NoteFly plugins should really have there own repository as they are developed independently from NoteFly.

3) The use of the bin\Release and bin\Debug folder depend on the selected project configuration by default this is: bin\Debug.
The Debug configuration builds allows to use the DEBUG precompile enviroment variable, for more logging and updating the POT file for translations.