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NoteFly is a free opensource, ligthweight, highly customizable,
with advance features note taking application for windows.


Sending note to Facebook not working.

Mar 27 If you received 240 error while trying to send a note to Facebook, this is a known problem now. It is probably caused because of breaking change in the Facebook connect API. I am investigating how it can be resolved in next release.

Git issue's

Mar 18 Their were some issue's with cloning the git repo. over http. So I have made the git repo. availible over the git protocol. One big advantage is that getting the git repo. over the git protocol is also a lot faster.

Releasing 1.0.0 RC2

Mar 6 The second Release Candidate version is availible. This release mainly fixes bugs, but it also adds the possibility to roll up notes. And startup time of the programme has been improved a little bit.

Git access

Feb 28 I changed the version control system from svn to git. The latest sourcecode is now publicy (read-only) availible via git. NoteFly now also have been downloaded more than 1000 times.


Feb 19 It's official NoteFly 1.0.0 release candidate1 has 800 times been downloaded. Next week a new version will be released to fix some minor bugs. Although not many bugs have been reported or found. I also think it's important to support IP version6 in the next release so it's future proof.