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NoteFly is a free opensource, ligthweight, highly customizable,
with advance features note taking application for windows.


Twitter updates not working anymore.

Sep 1 Twitter has disabled REST access. This means to sending notes to twitter isn't working anymore. You will receice an exception: System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed. In any version of NoteFly. I'm working on the NoteFly 2.0.0 release for implementing OAuth for twitter and facebook support.

Sending note to Facebook not working

Aug 23 Probably due to change on Facebook it is not possible to send notes to Facebook from NoteFly. I have tested that all NoteFly versions are affected.

ubuntu package available

Aug 21 A Ubuntu package of NoteFly version 1.0.4 is available. Ubuntu linux users are advised to upgrade to this latest version.

Releasing 1.0.4

Aug 18 NoteFly 1.0.4 is released. It fixes some bugs and a restart of NoteFly isn't required anymore to turn on and off HTML highlighting on notes. The offical changelog can be viewed here.

NoteFly 1.0.3 released

Jul 14 NoteFly 1.0.3b is released it fixed one major bug. The changelog for 1.0.3 is as follows - the wrong note is deleted (bug: #0000023) change from 1.0.3a to 1.0.3b - version number was showed wrong. (bug: #0000024)