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NoteFly is a opensource, ligthweight, highly customizable,
with advance features note taking application for windows.


NoteFly beta3 released

Mar 1 The third beta of 2.0 is release. this release fix one important bug with restoring notes from a notes backup file. The backup file was written well to disk but the restore function did not show the content of the note that were set not visible.

NoteFly beta2 is out

Feb 20 The next beta is out. Change from 2.0.0beta1 are: features: - Import NoteFly 1.0 notes to NoteFly 2.0 notes. - Options to moving note to recycle bin on delete. bugfixes: - Default skin color not saved correctly. - Heavy cpu load on viewing notes in the manage notes window.

NoteFly 2.0.0 beta1 released

Feb 12 A new version of NoteFly is released. This is a beta release, it is not tested extensively. New features: - Support for rich format notes. (bold, italic etc. texts) - Support for custom color skins. - Backingup and restoring notes from a single file backup. - Import text file as new note. - Use title as filename for notes. - Added support for several parameters. - Check for updates.

about the upcoming 2.0.0 release

Jan 4 I want to give a quick inside into what can be excepted about the 2.0.0 release of NoteFly. First, allmost all code is rewritten. I have simplied the design modal. I hope that the new way will also point out in a reduced memory use for note that are not visible and faster startup of NoteFly. The new internal design will make it also a lot easier to extending NoteFly in future. Secondly NoteFly 2.0 will support for rich texts, this means it is possible to used bold, italic and underline text in notes. Forthermore NoteFly will also suppors custom skins/colors. Basicly all possible note colors are rode from skins.xml at startup. Oauth support will not be included and sending notes to Facebook and twitter will be removed. The reason is that Oauth design cannot work for opensource.

Twitter updates not working anymore.

Sep 1 Twitter has disabled REST access. This means to sending notes to twitter isn't working anymore. You will receice an exception: System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed. In any version of NoteFly. I'm working on the NoteFly 2.0.0 release for implementing OAuth for twitter and facebook support.